Disability Insurance

December 11, 2007

I heard somewhere that the biggest asset anyone has is their ability to earn a living.  That is why I purchase long term disability insurance through my employer that will pay me 66 2/3% of my pre-disability income and then purchase another $2,000 per month policy for $252 a year.  I usually get a refund of about $80 a year on the outside policy so it really only costs about $172.  I have never been on disability (not even short term) but being single and having only myself to rely on…I got to take care of myself.  I wonder how many people out there purchase such insurance?   To me it is worth the peice of mind it brings.  I would have income of about $7,800 per month until retirement age if anything were to happen to me.  That doesn’t include any possible social security disability income that I could be eligible for.   


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